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Dr. Smith

About Dr. Smith

Patients from across the country and around the world come to Melbourne, Florida, to visit the Center for Antiaging Aesthetic and Rejuvenation Medicine. Renowned triple board-certified physician Yale (Yoel) R. Smith, MD, brings nearly 40 years of extensive medical experience to his integrative and functional medicine physician role.

After medical school, Dr. Smith worked as a medical researcher for five years. He then completed a surgery residency followed by a four-year anesthesiology residency. Dr. Smith worked for 27 years throughout Israel and the United States, including as a professor at several universities.

Dr. Smith still holds a lifetime license to practice medicine in Israel and is board-certified in anesthesiology, integrative medicine and antiaging and precision medicine in the United States. Dr. Smith is the only triple board-certified doctor with nearly 40 years of diverse medical experience in the entire Brevard County area.

Dr. Smith specializes in many aspects of integrative and functional medicine, including antiaging, revitalization, and illness prevention. He helps patients de-age internally and externally by uncovering the root cause of illness and poor health and treating the problems at their source.

Advanced treatments like heavy metal detox, hormone replacement therapy, and sleep solutions such as peptide therapy can help patients revitalize from head to toe.

The practice offers extensive testing services to help patients detect health issues, prevent chronic disease, and maximize quality of life.

The Center For Antiaging Aesthetic and Rejuvenation Medicine offers revolutionary technology, like the Cleerly test, which helps to prevent heart attacks; ZRT cortisol testing; Great Plains Laboratory LLC toxic mold tests; and genetic tests for cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

The Center for Antiaging Aesthetic and Rejuvenation Medicine is conveniently located in the Suntree neighborhood in Melbourne, Florida. Book your appointment by phone or through the online scheduler now.



Rob Kodsi

Dr. Smith treated me with such attention to care, as if I were one of the family. He thoroughly explained the extensive lab results until I fully understood everything - 2 full hours of service! I am eternally blessed to have a doctor (local as well) who "listens" and pays attention to my needs and goals The front office staff is also professional and caring. I am not a big reviewer and rarely post, but would definitely recommend Dr. Smith.

Sarah Dusch

I was so pleased to find Dr Smith's clinic. He has extensive knowledge in both conventional and functional medicine and provides truly comprehensive holistic care. We were able to get to the root causes and find treatments to address some of my complex health issues. Dr. Smith and his staff provide compassionate and high quality care. I highly recommend them!

Alex Goloborodko

It was one of the kind experiences visiting Dr. Smith. He spent 3 hours on the first appointment with me, answering and explaining everything. His way of treatment is absolutely different from any doctor I have been treated before by. After one month from my treatment started, I’m already a “different person”. I feel absolutely great. I would like to recommend Dr. Smith to anyone who hasn’t been benefited from a current traditional medical care. Dr. Smith combines both traditional and integrative medicine. He is triple medical boards certified!!! I flew from NJ to see him and I’m so happy I have done it. I recommended Dr. Smith to many friends who have already schedule an appointment with him.

He is different, totally holistic and with outstanding personal touch. Thank you Dr. Smith!!!

Kendall Sanderson

Dr Smith helped diagnose my like-known health issue and put me on the path towards healing. I visited 20+ doctors before finding the right one! He takes time to listen and offers practical advice and suggestions. I’m finally on the right path for healing and treatment and starting to feel better already!

Vin D.

We found Dr. Yale Smith after going to many other Doctors and Specialists. We could not figure out what was happening with our son. Years of severe fatigue and other issues could not be explained. Dr. Smith did a "deep dive," into many different avenues of potential problems, including: extensive blood work/hormone testing, food allergies and heavy metal testing. Collaboration and discussions with other Physicians and Specialists was also happening.

When all results were back Dr. Smith took the time to explain and immediately presented a treatment plan. (he DID NOT drag it out and make us come back multiple times!) It was a bit daunting, yes, to start multi *needed* supplements and medication. However, it was welcomed after waiting and wondering for so long! In addition to other deficiencies, our son tested positive for multi heavy metals and was referred for chelation therapy.

Dr. Smith knew our anxiety, he said "this is treatable and we can fix this." We are seeing a positive change in our son's mood, energy and well-being. Thank you Dr. Smith!! God Bless!!


What Healthcare Should Be!

After recently relocating to Florida from New York State, I had the tremendous good fortune to come upon Dr. Yale Smith when searching for a new personal physician.

Dr. Smith is a rare gem in the medical field, primarily because he concentrates his efforts on restoring health—not just “managing disease” with medications as is so typical in the health field today.

His initial workup was the most thorough and comprehensive examination of my entire state of health that I have ever experienced. He was not satisfied with simply identifying what might be wrong or deficient—he also wanted to know why it is occurring in the first place.

His areas of expertise and concentration go far beyond the usual “bloodwork-diagnosis-drugs or surgery” approach that dominates our healthcare system. He also examines factors such as diet, hormones, lifestyle habits, heavy metals in the body, exposure to toxins and stress, and how each may be contributing to various health issues. And while he recognizes the necessity for medications when warranted, he also suggests nutritional and herbal supplementation to assist and support the body in working as it should…and therefore naturally eliminating many health concerns.

Unlike most other doctors who spend fewer than 10 minutes with their patients on average, an initial visit with Dr. Smith may be two hours or more, with follow-ups as lengthy as needed to answer your questions and discuss your treatment plan.

I highly recommend Dr. Yale Smith if you want to experience what healthcare should be with a caring, thorough, well-trained physician.

Anthony Guasti

I’ve come to know Dr. Smith thanks to my wife’s research into integrative medicine. After some research, she liked what she read about Dr. Smith. She was worried for my health after several of my family members experienced health issues, but did not want me on a lifetime of medicine that simply would slap a bandaid onto resolvable problems. I am so grateful that she did the research and found Dr. Smith. I had extensive blood work done and a two hour consultation with Dr. Smith where we went over my whole history. After completing the blood work he requested, we then had another consultation to go into detail about what each thing meant on my lab results and thanks to that I felt like I learned so much about the body.

The time that Dr. Smith gives to each patient should be the standard all across the board. There would be, in my opinion, less sick people as well. I followed Dr. Smith’s protocol of vitamins that my body was lacking and started writing down everything I eat while also tracking calories. I became more interested in my health thanks to Dr. Smith and it made me want to take responsibility over my health. I now feel healthier and have a more positive outlook about growing older.

My two young daughters are now patients of his and I’m glad they’re ahead of the curb in terms of their health. I truly can’t thank Dr. smith enough for his dedication and for his extensive knowledge that helps patients understand their potential and how the body works.

Monica H.

I recommend Dr. Smith and his practice. I noticed that he's very experienced and knowledgeable in both traditional and functional medicine protocols, so he accurately interpreted lab data, evaluated subclinical symptoms, and promptly charted a course of action. So check it out and invest in your health and longevity, especially for the issues you've been carrying over the years.


Incredibly thorough lab work, custom patient care plans, and 35+ years in the medical field make Dr. Smith truly one of the best. He is extremely knowledgeable implementing a holistic, root cause approach to help you live your best life yielding long term sustainable results. The effort and care he puts into your case and identifying what works for YOU sets him apart. His assistant is a rock star too and incredibly helpful, goes above and beyond to make you feel at home and comfortable. All around a fantastic place.

Kevin H.

Huge thank you to Dr. Smith and his assistant. Dr. Smith spent more than 2 hours asking detailed questions about my medical history and current health issues. He clearly explained the testing he recommended and why this testing would reveal detailed information then best treat my health conditions. I look forward to reviewing my test results next month. Thank you again for an exceptional visit!

Joann W.

What a GREAT help from a doctor and staff! Extensive whole-body testing so we treat the cause, not the symptom. Easy to follow instructions and education for non-biology majors like me, explaining what went wrong and how to fix it. Very very happy with everything about this practice.

Diane Elizabeth H.

I have been struggling with health problems for some time and had been searching for a doctor to listen to my symptoms and help uncover what has been happening. I finally found that Dr. and finally have the help I need. Dr. Smith has a wealth of experience and knowledge and an eagerness to share that knowledge with you. He is wonderful at uncovering very difficult health issues that most doctors miss. He spends an great amount of time in his assessment and listening to your history in order to find the difficult underlying conditions that typically go undiagnosed. His assistant is helpful, professional, and kind and the office is the best around at handling your needs. I am grateful for there professionalism and to have found this practice!

Kim R.

FINALLY! A DOCTOR THAT LISTENS! Dr. Smith has made such an amazing difference in my husbands health! We have been to so many Dr's that have told us " lab work is perfect" "there's nothing else we can do". ALL NOT TRUE! Dr. Smith found things that had been happening for years that are correctable. The time and dedication that he has spent to get my husband well is incredible. Thyroid was the biggest issue. All we heard were his numbers look fine. They were not looking at ALL the numbers. Dr. Smith has worked so hard to balance Pedro's thyroid. SO many other issues that needed to be resolved. He has patiently researched, checked on Pedro's progress. Listened attentively when we had concerns. Always encouraged us and has continued to lead Pedro to wellness.

Lisa S.

I am quite tired of doctors who blame the patient without offering meaningful help.

I found Dr. Yale Smith searching Google for a doctor who would listen and dig deeper into problems. The reviews were impressive so I made an appointment, and so glad I did!

Dr. Yale Smith did a thorough intake and lab testing. This process identified many issues that have gone unidentified and uncorrected by other doctors.

Following his direction with supplements and food adjustments my lab work shows significant improvement in just three months. I am feeling better and starting to enjoy favorite activities again.

If you are struggling with your health and not feeling your best I would highly recommend seeing what Dr. Yale Smith can recommend for an effective health improvement plan. His research and application of the latest science are head and shoulders above standard care. True health care offered here!

Brenda Mulberry

I have been asked repeatedly over the last month by my friends and colleagues “ What happened?” so I feel it fair to post my story. I am 62 and have a basic distrust of the AMA so I have steered clear of Doctors except for 2 births resulting in 3 kids and the occasional earache over the last 40 years. When I needed a Doctor I was told “ we don’t accept your insurance” or we are not accepting new patients, so I got a $10k deductible plan and tried to stay healthy. 

Then at a BNI meeting I hear an amazing story of Dr Yale Smith that really got my attention. I scheduled and appointment to see him. He was willing to order all the tests I wanted done, and many more I had no idea about. He is an MD and a holistic Doctor with incredible credentials. 

I wanted a baseline so I could see if I was a diabetic coma waiting to happen! When all the results were back Dr Smith sat with me for over 2 hours explaining my total physiology! The good news!! I am not a diabetic! Bad news I am a candidate for a cardiac event in the next 5 years!! 

Then Dr Smith calmed me down by explaining heart disease is reversible!! He gave me an extensive plan including an Anti- inflammatory diet. No gluten, No nuts, Little or No red meat, no chicken, little starchy veggies and some supplements to take! The results so far are amazing. My BP has ALWAYS been high at the Doctors office and 189/95 was normal to me but now in just 30 days of his care and my going on a “ Whole foods plant based diet” ( ok I went extreme) my BP is 111/72 ! The positive side effects are life changing and I feel great, lost weight and we are just getting started he says!

 I finally have a Doctor interested in my health and well-being. “so that, my friends is why I recommend Dr Yale R Smith.”

 If you are willing to spend money on fancy cars, houses, travel and food Why not on yourself, so you can enjoy all those things longer. With Dr Yale R. Smith, MD you get the best of both worlds an MD and a holistic approach!

Katelynn C.

Wow! What an amazing office. Dr. Smith and staff are truly wonderful. Dr. Smith is very knowledgeable and took a lot of time to sit with me to fully understand my health concerns.

Mina Y.

Dr. Smith has extensive medical back ground and training. He listened to all my problems and issues with patience. He analyzed elaborate laboratory studies and developed a customized, personalized and detailed treatment plan for my complex medical issues. After I did my research there no one that I would trust more than Dr. Smith.

Timothy U.

Dr. Yale Smith has provided a level of personalized professional medical care that I thought no longer existed. I have been a patient for several months. He is accessible by email and phone outside of office hours, and his response time to questions is excellent. The health and wellness supplements that his office provides are top quality. I recommend him and his practice.

Gwenyth U.

We are so grateful to Dr. Yale Smith and his Center for Antiaging Aesthetic and Restorative Medicine! His broad medical knowledge and experience plus his special training in anti-aging therapies make him an excellent choice for anyone who wants an extra chance at wellness. He provides indepth tests to determine the best approaches to healing complex conditions. He provides high quality, trustworthy therapeutic nutritional supplements. He works with a compounding pharmacy to tailor prescriptions for his patients. He is in touch with the best Brevard County medical specialists and works with them to provide personalized coordinated care. He listens. He is available for questions. He answers emails and phone calls. He goes out of his way to provide access to the very best care.

Karen S.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Smith! He is very knowledgeable and actually cares about your health to find the root cause of what is going on. He spends a lot of time with you and researches your case! I am so pleased that I have been introduced to him. His assistant is amazing too and she is very helpful! You feel like family when you are here. It's a very comfortable atmosphere! 5 stars!!

Beautiful Bold and Unbound

Let me start by saying the subject I am going to talk about is only a very small part of what Dr. Smith does. Dr. Smith is VERY highly educated and trained and he is an absolute jewel for Brevard County. For over 15 years my husband has dealt with thyroid issues.

We have sought out help from so many local Dr's with absolutely no relief for the issue. Traditional Medicine looks only at the TSH level for thyroid and then treats with traditional meds. NONE OF THEM WORKED FOR MY HUSBAND! He felt terrible all the time and was told over and over again his thyroid was fine. We knew this was not the case and had actually made an appointment in Charleston, SC to find someone that would treat his thyroid and symptoms. Then a friend told us about Dr. Smith. Dr. Smith was welcoming, warm and wonderful!

He took so much time reviewing the situation and gave us a solution that no other Doc had given us! It started to work the FIRST DAY! I am recommending so many friends that have been struggling not just with thyroid but any other long term health issues. Functional Medicine treats in a completely different way AND IT WORKS. My husband IS also an M.D. and he was blown away by Dr. Smiths knowledge and out of the box thinking. You will feel great HOPE after your initial visit. Invest the money in yourself and your future well being. An update to my review. WITHIN ONE WEEK my husband saw remarkable changes. This is after years of trying everything and seeing minimal to no changes. Sleep was a HUGE problem for my husband. He would walk the house all night. Dr. Smith tried several different supplements and within days my husband was sleeping!

He would go three and four days with no sleep before. The updates we provided to Dr. Smith allowed him to modify the dose and get success. The second factor that was so important was the lack of energy during the day due to thyroid issues. He had been undertreated/mistreated FOR 15 YEARS! Using the thyroid supplements from Dr. Smith he saw results within 14 days! SO HUGE. His brain is functioning better, he is sleeping better, his mood is better and cognition back to normal. Thank you Dr. Smith for your constant care and for being an incredible researcher and Physician.

Anne D.

Dr. Smith truly has a heart for helping! He spends a great deal of time with you as a patient, and does outside research to better understand your treatment needs. His expertise, training, and personal experience in wanting the safest, natural ways to improve health are invaluable! He does not just want to put you on pharmaceuticals to treat a symptom, but rather, get to the root cause of the problem so the symptoms go away. I highly recommend him!

Frank K.

Dr. Smith, I just wanted to give an update regarding the GAINSWave Therapy procedures performed at your office 2 weeks ago. I went to The Center for Anti-Aging to get my hormones balanced, so my energy levels would go back up again after leveling off for the last year. During our consultation the topic of ED came up. Dr. Smith explained the benefits of just 4 treatments with GainsWave and I was convinced this was a healthier route to addressing ED issues and a possible replace pills. I went through the 4 prescribed treatments. It was not an instant fix, but over the past few weeks I am happy to report that my prior ED issues have continued dissipate. The sensitivity and sensation I have gotten back remind me of being in my 20's again! No more pills! Thank you Dr. Smith, the results have been remarkable!

Kay H.

My experiences at The Center have left me with the highest respect and confidence for their ability to deliver a level of skin care in both the facial, micro needling as well as supplements for my health and well being but also in the skin care products I now use. 

To know there is this center for anti-aging available here locally makes me feel places like MIAMI or LOS ANGELES no longer are my only options. My thanks to Dr YALE Smith and his staff.


My facial at the Aura MedSpa was super relaxing. From the moment I walked in the door, everyone was extremely nice and welcoming. During the facial, there was calming music and a very gentle touch. The lotions and chemical exfoliant that she applied felt extremely soft and velvety, and smelled amazing. I left with my face feeling smooth and hydrated. I loved the hot towels as well! I would highly recommend anyone looking for a facial to try out Aura MedSpa! 

Thank you again!

Chris Edwards DDS ND

I met Dr Smith at a health fair. Dr. Smith was a long term cardiac anesthesiologist. The story of his career as an MD and his own journey on the other side of his own medical crisis was interesting and heartwarming. After he healed himself he wanted to help patients to heal at a deeper level. He went back to the books, studied and became a board certified functional medicine practitioner. He added this to his extensive knowledge of medicine working for years with complex medical cases as an anesthesiologist. 

He has guided me to a healthier heart with the forward thinking PULS test. With only a few vials of blood, the test can look at the health of your own vascular system and help avoid a serious heart attack or stroke. I am already implementing many of his suggestions. 

He also went above and beyond to help me with a prostate problem. He personally reached out to a local urologist to effect a referral. This speaks to his interest in his patient’s health and is one of the reasons why I recommend him as a Functional Integrative physician.

Theresa E.

Thank you to Dr. Smith for a great Botox experience!! Dr. Smith took time explaining the process to me and allowing the numbing cream to work so it was literally painless! No bruising either!! I will definitely be back. 

Robert K.

I really enjoyed my Gentleman’s Facial at Aura MedSpa. The staff was delightful and made my visit feel extra relaxing. I also appreciated the superior quality of products that were used on my face, in comparison to many other spas I have visited in the past. Further, I was impressed with the overall professionalism of the entire staff!

Julie S.

I recently went to Aura MedSpa for a hydrating facial. WOW! I have to say ... it was definitely one of THE best I’ve ever had. The entire experience was great from start to finish. I highly recommend Aura Med Spa! Wonderful staff, amazing products and incredible service.

Z. Matos

Awesome physician and office staff! Very professional, listened, demonstrated genuine interest in my well being. Unlike, other doctors who make you wait for hours than spend 15 minutes with you Dr. Smith took his time and didn't rush me. Very promptly responded to my emails and/or phone calls. I highly recommend him and his staff who is thorough and helpful.

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